Everything You Need to Know about Netlinking Scams

To improve your netlinking strategy, it may be tempting to buy links to get faster results. But pitfalls exist everywhere, and the same goes for netlinking. If you want to buy backlinks as part of your linking campaign, it is essential to know and consider the risks you are exposing yourself to. There are many platforms available to get backlinks, but the good will of these platforms is sometimes only superficial. In this article, we take a look at the different netlinking frauds and the risks for your website.
Netlinking Scams

January 6, 2022


Netlinking: Quality Comes Before Quantity

Netlinking is an essential component of an effective SEO strategy. By obtaining quality backlinks from authority sites, in the same thematic as your website, you significantly improve the ranking of your web pages.

However, the quality aspect of these links should be pointed out: generating mass bad quality backlinks could negatively impact your SEO. Indeed, Google does not appreciate these abusive practices and all you could gain is a penalty.

So as to prevent all your efforts from being penalized, make sure you always know the source of the backlinks you want to buy. Stay away from attractive offers that offer hundreds or even thousands of links, for only a few dozen euros. It is impossible to find quality backlinks at this ridiculous price.

Link Purchasing: The Various Scams You Can Find

Creating a natural referencing strategy involves many skills and specific webmarketing drivers. Faced with this complexity of implementation, some malicious SEOs can take advantage of their clients’ lack of knowledge.

Among these specific webmarketing drivers, there is netlinking and its pitfalls of link sellers. In other words, these are offers of backlinks proposed by people with bad intentions, which will not improve your SEO.

Beware of Orphan Pages

In referencing, an orphan page is a web site page that is not linked to any other page in the internal mesh. This means that it is available on the site but never crawled by search engines, since it is not accessible by any link from the website to which it belongs.

These orphan pages have no ranking potential. In fact, if you buy a backlink on these pages, they will not bring you any Link Juice. The problem is that these dishonest link sellers will not inform you.

You can then buy a link at more than 1,000 € on an orphan page, which will not bring you anything beneficial. A tip to avoid this: always ask for the precise location where your backlink will be placed.

PBN: A Risky Technique

A PBN (Private Blog Network), is a network of websites built in order to create backlinks to a “money site”, that is to say the site that we want to better reference.

When used properly, this technique can effectively optimize a site, but there is a risk of being penalized by search engines. Certain points should be monitored if you do not want to be penalized: hosting, domain name, content creation, type of site, etc.

Consequently, you must be careful when buying backlinks in large quantities and at attractive prices, which could catch Google’s attention because of low quality. Instead of boosting your SEO, the opposite would happen. Read our article about the Risks of a PBN to learn more about the topic.

Cloaking – Or How to Cheat Google

This technique is forbidden by Google and allows to provide different results depending on the visitor of the page. A cloaking system can therefore send a page to an Internet user, and another to a search engine.

The objective is to further optimize the pages intended for search engine robots. Be careful because by operating this technique the sites publishing your backlinks can hide them from search engine robots.

NoFollow, NoIndex and Other Guidelines for Bots

Although it may seem obvious to SEO experts, a backlink can only be beneficial for your website if it is a DoFollow link.

Small reminder: a NoFollow or Sponsored link indicates to the search engine robots not to follow a link. This one will then be considered as a null outgoing link and will not be considered. In other words, your backlink will not bring you any Link Juice, and the site’s authority level will not influence your website’s reputation.

The same goes for HTTP header codes and X-Robots-Tag: a backlink on a page that is not indexed will not bring you much. If it’s not something you can control at first sight, consider carefully checking the reliability of the services you pay for.

Practically speaking: What are the Potential Risks of Buying Links?

Buying links that improve your SEO is prohibited by Google and other search engines. This prohibition is clearly stated in Google’s guidelines, and the Penguin algorithm is responsible for closely monitoring backlinks.

Should you make use of these abusive practices and buy the wrong links, you could be severely penalized by Google and lose all your SEO efforts.

For example, backlinks are considered suspicious if the frequency is unusual, or if the anchors are over-optimized and too similar. Finally, you also take the risk that the link will be removed by the site owner after purchase, for whatever reason.

Get Links in a Clean and Lasting Way!

Link building platforms are a great opportunity to get quality backlinks easily, provided that you have chosen well. Some platforms offer complete link building services: search for sites, writing articles, control the links nature, regular feeding of new links, etc… But keep in mind the risks involved.

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