Install the wordpress plugin

This section is dedicated to installing the Nopow-Link plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin allows your website to interact with Nopow-Link and provide the links exchanged on our marketplace.

Start install

After entering the URL of your website in the configuration settings of your account, you must select the plugin associated with the technology used by your website. If you don’t know what technology your website uses, you can use wappalyzer to find out.

Select plugin :

Select plugin

If by mistake you selected the wrong plugin during the installation process, you can go to the section plugin settings to change it. Note that Nopow-Link may not be natively compatible with your website’s technology. In this case you can use the portable version of our plugin. More informations here.

Once selected, all you have to do is click on the download button to get the plugin. You should then have a zip type archive file. Note that above the download button is your API key, which will be required when installing the plugin on your website.

Download and API key:

Download plugin
API key

Install plugin

Once the archive is installed, all you have to do is install it on your wordpress site. To do this, you must go to the administrator area of ​​your website. If you do not know how to go to your administrator area, we advise you to go here to obtain assistance.

From your administrator area, go to the "plugin" tab then click on the "add new" submenu as shown in the image below.

Plugin menu :

Wordpress admin

On this page, you should find an "upload plugin" button. Click on it then select the previously downloaded zip archive by clicking on the "choose file" button. Once choose click on the "install now" button to start the installation of the plugin. Arrived at the end of the installation do not forget to click on "activate" the plugin in order to finalize its installation.

Install plugin :

Install plugin

Activate plugin :

Activate plugin

Certify plugin

You are almost there. In order to guarantee that you are the owner of your site, we need to carry out a first exchange of information with this one. To do this, go to the "Nopow-Link" tab of your WordPress administrator interface.

Note that if you don’t see the Nopow-Link tab after installing the plugin, it is certainly because the plugin is not activated. Go to the "plugins" tab then click on the under "installed plugin", you will find the list of all the plugins installed on your WordPress site. Find the Nopow-Link plugin in the list then click on the small activate button.

All you have to do is copy paste the activation key that was provided to you in your Nopow-Link user space and click on the "certify plugin" button.

Certify plugin

Certify plugin

Congratulations, you have completed setting up your account.